Revenue Assurance

ex eventu started revenue assurance projects in retail, wholesale and interconnection segments long before legal restraints and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act required this.

Revenue assurance projects have several direct and indirect effects on network operators and content / service providers including the conservation of revenues yielded by services, customer satisfaction and documented audit trailing. All these effects lead to sustainability and increased revenues.

Leakages emerge between the service delivery and billing procedure. Even though we cannot confirm the average of “5% of the sales volume” figure often referred to by market studies, leakages can still be very significant – especially in areas of relatively small margins – and are worth searching for.

... a long way

It is a long and error-prone road from defining a telecommunication product to its faultless and complete billing stage. The causes can be found in all stages of the implementation process and service provision such as:

  • Insufficiency in defining a product
  • Shortcoming of communication between marketing-, distribution- and IT-departments
  • Software bugs, processing errors as well as design flaws
  • Missing or inaccurate configuration

... but an achievable goal

ex eventu revenue assurance projects are based on approved tools that process billions of CDRs every year. With these tools we are able to

  • Identify leakages and sources of annihilated revenues in single or periodical projects
  • Permanently identify and report deviations via parallel-billing
  • Implement overlapping processes of billing-event accounting
  • Provide a measure or component of a certification
  • Provide services in business process outsourcing projects

Our revenue assurance projects are always beneficial and usually profitable within the first year. The first identified and eliminated leakages and incorrect billings already lead to increasing sales revenues and reduced complaint management costs without distributional expenditure or external communication.

A revenue assurance project with ex eventu will lead you to measurable achievements in a short period of time.